In uncertain times such as these it is often fun to recount a recently encountered joke. Here's one I came across today. "it is going to be pretty tough when this country gets back to normal and the fellows who write thos articles on economics have got to know what they are talking about again." Here is another: "Sign seen on an oil country machine shop: 'We make everything here except a living.'" No modern jokes these. The first is from the November 1938 issue of Petroleum Engineer (our predecessor) and the second from the February 2009 issue of the same magazine. While there might be a cyclical pattern in the economic performance of the industry and its products, not so for technology. In the same run of Petroleum Engineer really deep wells are approaching 10,000 ft, rotary rigs are supplanting cable tool rigs, fracturing has yet to be invented and the first article that we are aware is published on building an offshore drilling platform - for operations one mile offshore. While we have not been able to control economic cycles, the steady progress of technology and innovation has continued to carry the day for us. No doubt that will continue.