Analysts at EnergyPoint Research have taken a look at the service and supply sector and have released a report that evaluates their performance. The company’s Drilling/Wellsite Equipment & Materials Survey of oil and gas industry purchase decision-makers shows major oilfield supplier companies among both the best and worst performers, with some of the biggest players showing the steepest decline in customer satisfaction.

Doug Sheridan, EnergyPoint Research managing director, commented on the survey and resulting report: “In the oil and gas industry, the success of initiatives ranging from exploration to the development, management, or optimization of existing assets has never been more dependent on the quality and capabilities of one’s supplier partners. Add to this the never-ending push to increase productivity while driving out costs and it’s easy to understand why supplier relationships are so important.”

Despite the challenges in the current demanding market, certain oilfield service providers earned outstanding marks, in part by maintaining a long-term focus on customer relationships. One example is Houston-based Derrick Equipment, which has risen from 14th place in the 2005 survey to top the latest customer satisfaction list.

“High levels of customer satisfaction do not materialize out of thin air,” Sheridan said. “They require a full-time commitment and a willingness to invest in the resources and processes that ensure customers consistently have positive experiences. The ability of the top-rated suppliers to register these high scores in our surveys, particularly as bottlenecks and performance issues have recently hampered the entire industry, says a lot about their determination to meet the needs of customers regardless of industry conditions.”

This EnergyPoint Research report is available from energy business analysts Douglas-Westwood Ltd.

According to Andrew Reid, Douglas-Westwood managing director, “Now more than ever, there’s a need for standardized, objective, and independent ratings and market-based information regarding the oil and gas industry’s satisfaction with the suppliers upon which it depends so heavily. Knowing what is important to customers is key to suppliers optimizing long-term decision-making and resource allocation.”

Sheridan agrees. “The EnergyPoint surveys are essential to those players interested in taking proactive steps to manage and enhance customer satisfaction within their organizations. The surveys will also be valuable to oil & gas company purchase managers and major investors in the oilfield services industry who wish to compare the various players’ performance.”

The 2007 Drilling/Wellsite Equipment & Materials Survey reflects evaluations from 632 respondents in 176 exploration and production companies, drilling contractors, and consultancies worldwide

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