On the first anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon disaster I wanted to pay tribute to the 11 men, dubbed the Deepwater 11, who died a year ago this evening. May their lives never be forgotten. Jason Anderson, a 35-year-old tool pusher from Bay City, Texas, left behind his wife Shelley, a daughter and a son. Aaron Dale Burkeen, a 37-year-old crane operator of Neshoba County, Miss., left behind his wife Rhonda and two children. Donald Clark, a 49-year-old assistant driller from Newellton, La., left behind his wife Sheila and four children. Stephen Curtis, a 39-year-old assistant driller from Georgetown, La., left behind his wife Nancy, a son and a daughter. Gordon Jones, a 28-year-old mud engineer from the Baton Rouge, La., area, left behind his wife Michelle and two children. Roy Wyatt Kemp, 27, was a derrick hand from Jonesville, La. He left behind his wife Courtney and two daughters. Karl Kleppinger Jr., a floor hand from Natchez, Miss., left behind his wife Tracy and one son. Blair Manuel, a 56-year-old mud engineer, left behind his fiancée Melinda and his three daughters. Dewey Revette, a 48-year-old driller of State Line, Miss., left behind his wife Sherri and two daughters. Shane Roshto, a roustabout and only 22 years old from Franklin County, Mississippi, left behind his wife Natalie and his son. Adam Weise, a 24-year-old floorhand from Yorktown, Texas, left behind his girlfriend and family.