At Summer NAPE at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston yesterday, I had a nice chat with Sunil Deshmukh. He has observed the rise of natural gas, particularly the explosion of natural gas vehicles (NGVs). NGVs Deshmukh recalled a dinner with Carl Pope on Feb. 28 in which he announced that the Sierra Club was coming out in favor of natural gas. Pope made it clear that natural gas is much cleaner than gasoline, thus the Sierra Club's support. "Oil and gas are largely not being used to deliver the value they could," Pope said in an interview with Oil and Gas Investor executive editor Nissa Darbonne. "When I turn on a heater and I'm mainly heating the street outside my house, that's a waste. When I get into a car and most of the gas turns into exhaust, that's a waste. We need to have high performance energy tools." Pope's discussion on Feb. 28 was a spark -- a spark that is igniting natural gas discussions throughout Congress and the energy industry. –Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor,;;