Overwhelmingly, offshore workers in the oil and gas industry say they are happy with their jobs. According to a survey conducted by NES Global (a specialist talent management company that provides engineering services and specialist staff support solutions for the oil and gas industry) offshore workers not only like their jobs, they are proud to work in the oil and gas industry. The survey includes responses from 300 workers in the offshore industry in 39 countries. The respondents had 20+ years of industry experience with a variety of positions from project managers to process engineers. According to survey results 89% of those who participated said they are proud to work in the industry, and 88% would work in oil and gas even if they weren’t in the offshore industry. A total of 65% said they would recommend the industry to a friend, while 63% said they expect to sign up to another offshore role when their current contract ends. According to Neil Tregarthen, NES Global CEO, “There is a general misunderstanding among many outside the industry about what working life is really like offshore. We found our workers are satisfied with their lifestyle and working conditions.” Respondents pointed to the good salary, free time on leave, and time from away nagging spouses as some of the benefits of offshore work. Other pluses included quality of offshore accommodations, food, and entertainment. Many identified camaraderie among offshore co-workers as a plus as well. With more people around the world desperate to find work, Tregarthen said, “It is important they understand that a career offshore can be hugely rewarding.” The Oil and Gas Satisfaction survey was commissioned in April 2011. Copies of the report can be obtained by clicking here.