I found this Fox News Video of Magnum Hunter CEO Gary Evans that aired a week ago. He weighs in on the state of the oil industry and how the focus of the industry is completely done an about-face from the mid 1980s and ’90s when companies were searching elsewhere for oil to coming back to the US due to the natural gas boom. “We’re seeing all these foreign entities coming to the United States trying to get a foothold in North America because we have now got gas reserves that we thought were going to be depleting in maybe 40 years,” he said. “Our country really needs to come back and look at home grown natural gas and how we can extract that out of the ground and use it for our own economy rather than importing crude oil for all over the world.”

Click on the link: http://www.foxbusiness.com/search-results/m/29111925/exploring-oil-and-gas-production.htm

I found it very informative and thought I would pass it to you. Please feel free to comment about the video on my blog.