Greenspan, in his autobiography, cites nuclear as the most reasonable choice of electric-power generation. "The major challenge will be to find an aceptable way to store spent fuel and radioactive waste," he adds. That's the extent of his discussion of nuclear waste. While nuclear physics is a tremendous generator of power, the discussion remains of what to do with the waste. Whle the U.S. today takes issue with nuclear power, a more-energy-strapped U.S. may concede. One place to store it is the moon. The "blue moon" would be the "green moon." T. Boone Pickens describes wind power as equal to creating many times the power of a nuclear reactor. While nuclear power can be a near-term source of power generation, which is using an increasing amount of U.S. natural gas and while growing electricity-based endeavors (e.g. powering computers and eventually cars) will require more U.S. power generation, it will help bridge the gap to wind and solar. –Nissa Darbonne, Executive Editor, Oil and Gas Investor, A&D Watch,;