A fairly recent addition to news programming called “Huckabee” is a political commentary program on Fox News hosted by former Republican Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. The program premiered September 27, 2008 and airs regularly on Saturdays at 8 PM EST, with a repeat on Sundays at 8 PM EST.

Generally, the show opens with a monologue by Mike Huckabee, who discusses the issues of the day. When the monologue is over, Huckabee opens the floor to questions from the audience. As is the way of most news/talk programs, the show also features one or more guests and invited commentators.

The show ends with a house band performing a song. Band members typically include host Mike Huckabee (bass guitar), Chief Religious Correspondent Lauren Green on keyboards, and Kelly Wright at times as a vocalist.

On Saturday, October 18 (and Sunday, October 19), the house band was joined by country and western singer Aaron Tippin. Tippin, who has been an active supporter of the McCain/Palin ticket, is also a supporter of the drilling industry. He vocalized this support in a song he sang at the close of the show. The song, called “Drill here, Drill now” promotes domestic oil and gas exploration drilling.

For the benefit of our E&P blog readers, I’ve included the lyrics here.

Drill here, Drill now

Hello…..Is anybody out there listenin’ in Washington DC?

his is the suffering voice of America crying out for relief.

Now I don’t know what a gallon of gas costs up on Capitol Hill,

But we sure know what it cost down here in reality-ville.

And the damage already done has been a mighty heavy toll,

And if we’re gonna fix it we gotta start right here at home.


Drill here, drill now!

How ‘bout some oil from our own soil that belongs to us anyhow.

No more debatin’ we’re tired of waitin’. Everybody shout out loud,

Drill here, drill now!

Every time a foreign tanker pulls up to our shore,

They got us over a barrel while they bleed us a little more.

And think how much it costs just to bring it all that way,

And how many American jobs that’d make if we were drillin’ in the USA.

Oh and God forbid if our oily friends should decide to cut us off,

We’d be standin’ around with our britches down - Now listen to me ya’ll!


Well the winds of change are blowin’,

Yes and we recognize that need,

But tractors, trucks, cars and planes can’t run on tomorrow’s dreams.

So while we’re workin’ on the future, we can’t ignore today,

‘Cause who knows how much time the alternative might take.

Somethin’s gotta be done right now ‘cause friends it won’t be long

Before this great big country comes grinding to a halt.


I don’t know if the message will make a difference in Washington DC, but I’m pretty sure C&W fans (and that includes a lot of Texans) will be listening.

If you’re interested in hearing the song for yourself, you can listen to it free at http://aarontippin.musiccitynetworks.com/index.htm?inc=5&news_id=13986

Feel free to close your office door and sing along.