Why come visit EPMag.com? Lately anything we offer is a breath of fresh air compared to other sites. We must be the only site on the Internet right now that doesn’t have 20 stories of Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift, 200 memorials of Michael Jackson/Patrick Swayze/Farrah Faucet/David Carradine/Ed McMahon and every other celebrity that has died this year, or a million+ stories of the latest reality TV show star who is divorcing or having 20 kids. We update the site daily with articles that you’ll only see on EPMag.com submitted by companies all over the world. We have Webinars archived that you can listen to at any time you feel like it (including those times when you want to drown out your child replaying Britney Spears’s “Womanizer” for the 14th time in a row. Exploration highlights is always a popular spot. Visit our events page and take a mini-vacation planning trips ahead of schedule, or do a search of all our articles and catch up on your favorite subject, like coiled tubing or electromagnetics. I never imagined I’d be escaping from the outside world by coming to work and updating the site and shipping a magazine monthly, but for now this is a nice vacation from entertainment.