Global Industries unveiled its new possession last Thursday night -- the MSV “Olympic Challenger.” The Challenger, a new build vessel built by Aker Yards in Aukra, Norway, is owned by Olympic Shipping. chall.jpg The Olympic Challenger is a DP-2 MSV with a Kongsberg DP system with four each independent DGPS reference systems combined with a fan-beam laser and dual Kongsberg HIPAP systems. She is designed and outfitted to perform SURF & IMR projects, Field Support Missions, ROV support and general subsea intervention and deepwater lowering and saturation diving. The vessel is 347 ft (105.9 m) in length, 69 ft (21.0 m) wide and has a design draft of 19 ft (5.8 m). Her transit speed is approximately 17.5 knots. The design of the vessel focuses on very good operating characteristics in heavy weather, excellent station keeping qualities, low fuel consumption and minimized emissions. She is DNV classed, Norwegian flagged and is IMCA, IMO & SOLAS compliant. She is also carries classifications notations of “Comfort”, “Clean Design” and “Ice-C”. The vessel is equipped with a 250 metric ton, active heave compensated Hydramarine crane. The crane is designed such that it is capable of lowering up to 200 metric tons to a depth of 2,500 meters on its single crane line. The crane line can be configured to lower the full 250 metric tons. The vessel is also equipped with 2 each, permanently mounted, Schilling heavy duty work class remote operated vehicles (ROV’s). The ROV’s are rated to 4,000 meters of water and are Schilling’s latest state of the art, UHD-200 horse power vehicles complete with station holding capabilities and other technology. The vessel is fitted with a large dual ROV hanger, dedicated ROV moonpool and a state-of-the-art ODIM launch and recovery system. This system allows launch and recovery of the ROV’s either through the moon pool or over the starboard side of the vessel. The ODIM system also incorporates an active heave compensation system for launch and recovery. The ODIM system provides the option to deploy the ROV’s over the side or through the moonpool via the cursor-mounted, vertical handling system. Both ROV’s can be launched simultaneously using this system. The Challenger will be fitted with SURF mission equipment. This equipment will consist of a vertical lay tower situated at the main moon pool, 4-track tensioner, hang-off clamp, standard reels for spooled products, reel drive units, abandonment & recovery winch and other miscellaneous support equipment and control systems. The VLT will incorporate a 60 metric ton, 4-track tensioner and the deepwater hang-off clamp. The A & R winch will be capable of 75 metric tons. All will incorporate the latest technology for SURF installations. The product will be carried on 8.5 m reels and can be lifted onto the Challenger without the vessel having to return to port. Special thanks to Bonnie Agudelo, Document Control Specialist with Global Industries, for providing this information. –Lindsay Goodier, Online Editor,;;