A response to our Guest Blog, “Is it the truth, or is it a shell game?” written by Steve Alten on Oct. 7, said, “This is not about science or the drilling industry - this is innuendo, truth stretching, the end justifies the means journalism - and has no place in this distinguished publication!”

Do you think you can do better? Do you know exactly what our readers want to read about? Do you have something you want to get off your chest? Would you like feedback from epmag.com visitors?

In the last month epmag.com has introduced a new feature on our Web site — Ax to Grind. It offers an opportunity for industry people to write in and offer us their opinion, expertise, story, or gripe. I want to encourage all of you who are reading this to send us your thoughts.

Our weekly e-newsletter will feature one Guest Blog a week. This gives the blogger a rare opportunity to reach our subscribers directly and get some feedback.

If you would like the opportunity to blog, contact me via email at rtorrellas@hartenergy.com.