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Merced Capital retained Energy Advisors Group Inc. (EAG) to market nonoperated working interest in the Haynesville play at North Louisiana operated by Comstock Resources Inc. with about $1 million per month of net cash flow in first-half 2019.

The sale package consists of eight producing wells, Comstock Gen 2 completion design (24.8 Bcf EUR for 10,000 ft L Type Well), located in Caddo and De Soto parishes, La., in the Greenwood-Waskom and Logansport fields. Current gross production totals about 66.6 million cubic feet per day (MMcf/d) from four leases. The eight wells have cum'd over 40.4 billion cubic feet (Bcf) since April 2018, first well reported production.

The wells are Gen II wells—3,800 lbs/ft of proppant, and five stages per 750 ft—with lateral lengths approaching 10,000 ft. Comstock’s investor presentations state that their 10,000 ft lateral wells have estimated ultimate recoveries (EURs) of 24.8 Bcf. The B-factor assigned to this type curve is 0.99.

Well performance to date indicates the wells are on track to make at least 2.2 Bcf/1,000 ft, which is higher than the Ryder Scott reserves. Upside exists for the Brown 7-18 HZ 2 and the Florsheim 9-16 1 in that 2.2 Bcf/1,000 ft is achieved with B-factors of 0.73 and 0.61, respectively, considerably less than the Comstock 0.99 B-factor. Additionally, the Florsheim 9-16 2ALT well is overproducing the type curve.

This sale package allows a buyer to receive strong cash flow from successful Haynesville wells under a well-known public operator. A third-party reserve report was prepared by Ryder Scott. As of August, proved developed producing (PDP) net reserves are 13.2 Bcf with a PV-10 value of about $20.3 million. The package includes 3.2%-42.2% working interests and 2.5%-33.8% net revenue interests before payout with current net production of about 14.3 MMcf/d. Some of the wells have reversionary interests after payout.


  • Eight Prolific Gas Wells. About 10,000 Ft Laterals
  • Caddo and De Soto Parishes, La.
  • Greenwood-Waskom and Longansport Fields
  • Operated by Comstock
  • 3.2%-42.2% Nonop Working Interest and 2.5%-33.8% Net Revenue Interest
  • Gross Production: 66.633 MMcf/d
  • Net Production: 14.268 MMcf/d
  • First-Half 2019 Net Cash Flow: about $1,030,080 per month
  • PDP PV-10 Value: $20,280,490
  • Net Reserves: 13.2 Bcf
Haynesville Nonop For Sale Asset Map (Source: Energy Advisors Group)

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