Harvest Midstream Co. completed the new Ingleside Pipeline and provided an update on the Harvest Midway Terminal’s construction schedule.

“As a result of the successful and timely completion of the Ingleside Pipeline, Harvest customers will receive direct access to all three Ingleside terminals. This is one of the fastest growing export centers on the Gulf Coast and we are excited to share this growth with our customers,” Sean Kolassa, president of Harvest Midstream, said in a statement.

The Ingleside Pipeline, a 24-mile, 24-inch oil pipeline, has a capacity of 600,000 bbl/d with up to 380,000 bbl/d supplied by the existing Harvest Eagle Ford pipeline systems. The pipeline is currently able to transport volumes to the Flint Hills Resources Ingleside Terminal, and will be capable of shipping barrels to the South Texas Gateway Terminal in July and the Moda Ingleside Energy Center in September.

“Harvest has always provided our customers with reliable and safe transportation,” Jason Rebrook, CEO of Harvest Midstream, said in a statement. “We look forward to providing that same consistent service with our expanded operations and the additional storage and connectivity in the Ingleside and Corpus Christi markets.”

The pipeline originates at the Harvest Midway Terminal located in Taft, Texas. The terminal covers 160 acres and has the potential to construct up to 10 million barrels of crude storage. Phase one construction of the Harvest Midway Terminal is expected to be completed by the end of third-quarter 2020 and will add new infrastructure capable of pumping the Ingleside Pipeline at 600,000 bbl/d.