DENVER—DCP Midstream announced Feb. 3 it has joined The Environmental Partnership, a growing coalition of companies in the U.S. oil and natural gas industry committed to continuously improving the industry’s environmental performance by taking action in operations; building upon our knowledge; and fostering collaboration.

Natural gas is a critical component of our nation’s energy future and transition. As one of the largest natural gas processors in the U.S., DCP plays a critical role in the energy value chain that drives our society. The company believes that industry has a responsibility to innovate and has a role to play in our nation’s clean energy future.

“DCP Midstream is committed to adopting industry leading best-practices and technologies focused on reducing our environmental footprint,” said Jerry Barnhill, group vice president and chief environmental, health, safety and operational risk officer. “Joining The Environmental Partnership aligns with our sustainability goals, ongoing and continuous methane reduction activities, and overall effort to improve our environmental performance. This partnership will increase our opportunity to collaborate with industry partners and grow our industry leadership in sustainability and operational excellence.”

DCP is focused on long-term sustainability—committed to safety, social responsibility, diversity, environmental leadership, ethical business practices and innovation to ensure the decisions the company makes today are also the right decisions for the future. DCP published its inaugural Sustainability Report in 2020 and to specifically advance the company’s sustainability goals teamed with Kairos Aerospace to launch the largest industry-led methane survey in the U.S.

Participants in The Environmental Partnership, an initiative of API, believe that addressing environmental impacts is an important component of securing America’s long-term energy future. To that end, The Environmental Partnership’s initial focus is on solutions that are technically feasible, commercially proven and will result in significant emissions reductions. The Environmental Partnership will provide a forum for participants to share information and analyze best practices and technological breakthroughs in order to help improve our understanding of emissions and how best to reduce them.