Operators today wants to improve production monitoring and optimizations process, according to David Milam, head of energy solutions at Amazon Web Services (AWS.) Why? They need to reduce OpEx, minimize downtown and improve HS&E within their operations.

Milam was joined during a webinar hosted on HartEnergy.com by Grant Matthews, chief technology officer at BPX Energy to discuss how it worked with AWS to solve IT and business challenges within its oilfield operations.

Matthews says BPX’s business was overly complex as recently at 2017.  It had over 10,000 operated wells. It also faced a challenging energy price environment. Its business was stretched across five states and four geographical business units.


It was a lot to manage, especially considering each unit had its own field operations to monitor. It required a business operation team in each unit with its own SCADA host.

“Overall, we had 27 different manufacturers’ combinations of RTU and SCADA management,” Matthews said.

Working with AWS, the company gained control of the complex set up. Specifically, the company consolidated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and Historians into a cloud data lake, optimized operations using machine learning, and enabled real-time edge intelligence with IoT at the wells. The transformation has enabled BPX Energy to lower operating expenses, maximize production, and decrease methane emissions to help achieve their ambition to be a Net Zero company by 2050 or sooner.

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