Being first to market is one way to establish industry dominance—especially an industry that moves as quickly as fracking. But being first isn’t enough. If you are first and unprepared, it’s easy for competitors to take your market share. The key is to be the first and the best prepared.

One important aspect of infrastructure: space. Specifically, cost-effective storage space and a way to move product in and out. Many locations require silica to be contained. A flat storage building keeps sand under cover during storage as well as loading and distribution. But traditional steel buildings can take months to build, eliminating the first-to-market advantage.

Fortunately, by eliminating or reducing common delays and using expedited construction, Legacy Building Solutions can have a fabric structure for frac sand storage designed, manufactured and installed in just a few weeks.

Read this case study of a frac sand storage building for Pontotoc Sands Company in El Reno, Oklahoma to learn how the companies partnered to design and install a building just six weeks from initial contact.

Click here for case study.