Since Opportune's formation in 2005, the energy-focused firm has assisted private capital organizations in growth, oversight and monetization of their investments. Opportune’s professionals include C-level industry executives and board members of public companies, as well as former partners with Big 4 accounting firms—all with careers dedicated to the energy industry.

How does Opportune add value to private capital organizations?

Growth: Private capital brings together multiple disciplines in order to grow their investments. To fulfill this need, Opportune has purposefully created service lines that wort< together to successfully evaluate and close acquisitions. These services include: acquisition due diligence including land, valuation, engineering services and tax structuring and advisory.

Oversight: While private capital organizations provide board oversight of their investees, they may not have bandwidth to delve into specific operational concerns. Opportune provides capital entities, creditors and management teams with assessments of financial performance and the quality of available information.

Representative Opportune services include: financial planning and analysis, business process and technology assessments, back-office outsourcing including land, valuations, engineering services and tax compliance.

Monetization: The monetization of investments is more than an event, it is a process. Opportune is a market leader in managing the IPO process for Its clients, as management teams often lack either the time or experience required to smoothly navigate the following demands of a registration statement: document preparation and coordination, management of audits and the SEC process, and turnkey project management post-lPO.

Across energy segments, Opportune's practice areas include: chemical engineering, complex financial reporting, dispute resolution, enterprise risk, outsourcing, process and technology, reserve engineering, restructuring, strategy and organization, tax, transactional due diligence and valuation. These practice areas offer a variety of professional services throughout the growth, oversight and monetization of private capital investment.