Digital technologies are helping to transform the landscape for oil and gas operators as well as increase efficiency in a time when the industry is increasingly expected to “do more with less.”

Hege Skryseth, president of Kongsberg Digital AS—a company at the forefront of bringing digital twin technology, in particular, to the oil and gas industry—recently sat down with Hart Energy to discuss leveraging digital technologies, including the benefits and roadblocks.

“Technology is the fundamental building block to actually drive change,” said Skryseth, who also discussed Kongsberg Digital’s recent partnership with supermajor Royal Dutch Shell Plc that includes its new Kognitwin Energy dynamic digital twin service platform.

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  • Remote operations and automation (0:35)
  • Steps for successful digital adoption integration (1:50)
  • Roadblocks in the digital transformation process (2:49)
  • Kognitwin Energy digital twin software (3:46)
  • Advancing mature assets (6:08)
  • Future of AI, remote sensing & big data (7:19)
  • Industry’s path forward (8:57)
  • Kongsberg Digital promo (9:30)