1 Mull Drilling Co. Inc., Wichita, permitted a remote test in a nonproducing region of northwestern Wichita County, Kan., some 14 miles north-northwest of Leoti. The #1 Bradford, in Section 1-16s-38w, will be drilled to a total depth of 5,200 ft. in Mississippian. It was primarily designed to test oil potential in the Morrow sands. Eight miles south-southeast is one-well Carwood Field. There, the #1 Nelson was completed as a discovery in 1957 pumping eight bbl. of oil per day from the Marmaton between 4,528-32 ft. Existing production is nearly 13 miles east-northeast, where fields produce from Lansing-St. Louis and Marmaton. Only three wildcats have previously been drilled in the township, says IHS Energy. 2 Palomino Petroleum Inc., Newton, completed a wildcat in central Ness County, Kan., as a discovery in the Pennsylvanian Cherokee sand. The discovery has been designated Swell Northeast Field. The #1 Lawrence Schuler, in Section 10-18s-24w, is producing commercial amounts of oil from an undisclosed Cherokee interval above 4,398 ft. The rig drilled to a total depth of 4,398 ft., but Palomino has not released any completion details. The well is about a mile from two one-well fields-Swell and Miner West. Swell Field was opened last year by the #1-9 Wells, which pumped 93 bbl. of oil and one bbl. of water per day from the Cherokee formation between 4,288-89 ft. Palamino has completed two previous wells in the county, both of which it has placed on production. 3 An exploratory test is under way for Hanna Oil & Gas Co., Fort Smith, about two miles south of New Blaine in eastern Logan County, Ark. Hanna is drilling the #1 Mullican in Section 14-7n-23w. It is targeting the Areci formation at 7,000 ft. The nearest production is about 1.75 miles north in Brock Creek Field, from Hartshorne and Upper Tackett. 4 Seeco Inc., Fayetteville, is planning to drill a wildcat in Section 10-5n-26w, Logan County, Ark. The Smith #1-10 is nearly five miles west of east-west trending Waveland Field in Yell County, where Seeco and Ross Exploration Inc. are drilling development and delineation wells to Borum. Seeco plans to drill to a total depth of 6,000 ft. to test formations through the Upper Borum. Only six wildcats have been drilled in the nonproducing township; the closest was the #1-15 Doggle, drilled in 1989 to 7,500 ft. in Section 15-5n-26w. 5 Crawley Petroleum Corp., Oklahoma City, has completed a Morrow gas discovery on the Anadarko Basin's northern shelf in Ellis County, Okla. The #1-15 Deanna, in Section 15-24n-23w, flowed gas at a rate of 1.8 million cu. ft., with 33 bbl. of condensate and 1.5 bbl. of water, per day. The 7,950-ft. discovery is producing from an untreated 8-ft. Morrow sand interval between 7,688 and 7,696 ft. The company connected the well to a production line flowing 2 million cu. ft. of gas and 35 bbl. of condensate a day. Approximately five miles north, Gulf Exploration LLC, Oklahoma City, completed its #11-23 Easterwood flowing 1.2 million cu. ft. of gas a day from a fracture-stimulated Morrow sand interval between 7,183-99 ft. That well is in Section 23-25n-23w, says IHS Energy. 6 Marathon Oil Co., Houston, flowed gas at an initial rate of 8.25 million cu. ft. per day, with one bbl. of condensate and six bbl. of water, from an 18,000-ft. Springer discovery in southeastern Caddo County, Okla. The #1-18 Albert-BIA, in Section 18-5n-9w, is producing from several fracture-stimulated intervals in the Boatwright member of Springer through perforations between 17,698 and 17,776 ft. Nearby production comes from Permian and Upper Pennsylvanian wells shallower than 3,500 ft. on the southern edge of Cement Field. The nearest Deep Springer and Mississippian Goddard production is at Fletcher Northeast Field, more than 1.5 miles southeast. Marathon has also completed a Morrow/Deep Springer producer on the western flank of Cement Field. That well, the #1029 Kiowa-BIA, in Section 29-6n-10w, tested 5.9 million cu. ft. of gas, 21 bbl. of condensate and 18 bbl. of water a day. 7 Yates Petroleum Corp., Artesia, has completed a 12,800-ft. Chester wildcat in northern Lea County, N.M. The #2 Mocha State Unit, in Section 33-12s-34e, tested flowing 554,000 cu. ft. of gas per day from perforations in the Chester between 12,396 and 12,419 ft. The nearest production is more than a mile east-northeast from Devonian at Ranger Lake West Field, says IHS Energy. 8 Fort Worth-based Threshold Development Co. drilled the first of three remote wildcats planned for Otero County, N.M. The #1 Chiricahua 21, which was drilled to approximately 5,419 ft., is in Section 21-24s-18e, almost 20 miles north-northeast of Dell City. The #1 Chino 31, in Section 31-24s-18e, and the #1 Mescalero 28, in Section 28-25s-18e, are slated to be drilled at a later date. The closest production to the #1 Chiricahua is 25 miles east-northeast in southwestern Eddy County's Rocky Arroyo Field. Otero County's only successful well is 30 miles west-southwest of the Threshold campaign, where the #1Y Bennett Ranch Unit tested 1.3 million cu. ft. of gas a day from Mississippian at 4,506-18 ft., IHS Energy says. 9 Jones Energy Ltd., Austin, added another wildcat to its Anadarko Basin deep drilling program. The #2 Birdwell 290, in Section 190, Block 45, H&TC Survey, A-1046, is in Hansford County, Texas. The wildcat is projected to 10,000 ft. and will presumably test formations through the Ellenburger. The closest successful deep well is nearly three miles north-northwest, at McKibben Field. There, a well produced oil and gas from the Kinderhook between 7,754-66 ft. 10 Wichita Falls-based Corda Corp. has completed a Conglomerate well in eastern Hardeman County, Texas, in Tabor Field. The #2 H.J. Tabor, in Section 68, Block 16, H&TC Survey, A-989, was tested flowing 95 bbl. of oil and 29,000 cu. ft. of gas per day through perforations between 7,432-51 ft. Tabor Field's established production is from Chappel; four wells have produced approximately 850,000 bbl. of oil from that zone since its discovery in 1991. Previous production from Conglomerate was about 0.66-mile south-southeast in the same section. That well, the #1 Schmoker-Lambert A, produced minor amounts of oil during the half-year it was online as part of Chilocothe South Field. 11 S.B. Street Operating Inc., Graham, Texas, has completed a 5,868-ft. North Texas discovery in northeastern Jack County. The #1 Alta Briscoe, drilled in Jesse B. Irvine Survey, A-312, was tested flowing 35 bbl. of oil per day, with a trace of gas, through perforations at 5,803-40 ft. Nearest production is nearly two miles southwest, where a dual producer in Henderson Ranch Field flowed gas from the Marble Falls and oil from the Ellenburger. 12 Ricks Exploration Inc., Oklahoma City, has scheduled a West Texas wildcat in the westernmost portion of Yoakum County, a half-mile east of the Texas-New Mexico border. The #1 Fields 298 will be drilled to a total depth of 10,300 ft. in Section 298, Block D, John H. Gibson Survey, A-773. The proposed venture is 1.33-miles east-southeast of a Trinity Field well in Lea County, N.M., also drilled by Ricks. There, the #1 Burrus 23 was tested flowing 275 bbl. of oil, 190,000 cu. ft. of gas and five bbl. of water per day from Wolfcamp between 9,014-62 ft. Ricks is drilling additional sites in the field. 13 Dallas independent The Pickens Co. Inc. has scheduled a wildcat in northeastern Haskell County, Texas. The #1 Watson Heirs, in Section 83, Samuel McFall Survey, A-330, on the northwestern flank of the Bend Arch, is slated to reach a total depth of 5,300 ft. The nearest production is 2.25 miles north-northwest from Pennsylvanian. 14 Ruwco Oil & Gas Corp., Austin, is planning to drill the #1 University 7, a 10,000-ft. test in Section 7, Block 7, University Lands Survey, Reagan County, Texas. The nearest well is in Grierson Spring Field, 0.66-mile northwest. Ruwco also plans another 10,000-ft. wildcat about four miles south-southwest in Crockett County, on the southern edge of the Midland Basin. The #1 University 30 is Section 30, Block 7, University Lands Survey, reports IHS Energy. 15 Dallas independent J. Cleo Thompson has finaled a Strawn producer in northern Crockett County, 20 miles west-northwest of Ozona, Texas. The #1 Todd 10-15, in Section 15, Block 10, GC&SF Survey, A-1735, was tested pumping 160 bbl. of oil per day, with 26,000 cu. ft. of gas and 16 bbl. of water, through Strawn perforations at 6,334-45 ft. The 6,680-ft. producer is in the same section as the nearest Todd Field well, which produces from Grayburg between 1,578 and 1,814 ft. Todd Field also has three Strawn wells, the nearest of which is a half-mile west-northwest of Thompson's well.