Jaxon Caines, technology reporter, Hart Energy: I’m Jaxon Caines, and this is your Tech Trends with Hart Energy Live. We're here at SPE’s Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference to talk with Zach Wade of GEODynamics about their EPIC options for wireline solutions. So Zach, can you tell me about your EPIC Precision Suite?

Zach Wade, senior operation manager, GEODynamics: So our EPIC Precision Suite and perforating guns is a fully integrated system that our customers can buy from us directly as all GEODynamics technology, from shape charges to hardware to telemetry, one stop shop, fully disposable system. Its wells are oriented as well. So for any of your applications that you need a fully integrated system, that's the one to go for.

JC: Now, there's also a customizable option as well, the EPIC Flex Suite.

ZW: Yes. So the EPIC Flex Suite or gun system is kind of our second tier system. The good thing about that, is it's fully customizable. You can put any telemetry in it, any switch, any explosive charges. We have a charge tube that will accept any charge. What we wanted to do there was give the customer the option. If you got a magazine full of charges that you need to burn through, that's the gun. You can pick it up, put your charges in it, run our telemetry, or even somebody else's telemetry. It's all up to you. I mean, you literally call the shots. We just provide the gun.

JC: Now, can you tell me about why the industry finds this so important, and what is the need of this?

ZW: Well, honestly, the main mindset behind it is trying to support wireline operations. With wireline operations comes a lot of different types of solutions to get there. With that being said, some of these guys have their own loading shops, some of them don't. What we wanted to do is be that supplier that is here to support whatever it is. Whatever your infrastructure looks like, we want to be the guy that offers you the product for it. So with Flex, if you have a gun shop, you can load it yourself, you can use your other equipment that you have that goes in a Perforating system, and then with Precision, it comes to you fully loaded, ready to go. So, I mean, it's literally plug and point.

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