Delfin Midstream Inc. has entered into a design and engineering contract with Wison Offshore & Marine, the company said in an Aug. 22 press release. The contract is intended to accelerate the development of the remaining floating LNG (FLNG) vessel slots at the Delfin LNG project.

Hartree Partners LP—a global merchant commodities firm—is conducting marketing operations to Chinese LNG buyers on Delfin’s behalf. In addition, Delfin is moving forward with the development of additional deepwater port projects in North America. The Delfin LNG deepwater port project will support four FLNG vessels and export up to 13.3 million tons per annum, according to the release.

“Wison has been visionary to develop its design, engineering, and construction capabilities for the LNG industry and in particular the floating LNG segment,” said Wouter Pastoor, COO of Delfin. “Sharing our commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, Wison’s goal is to continue into a full FEED later this year such that FLNG vessel construction can start at their shipyard in mid-2024.”

Delfin has secured a series of commercial agreements for LNG sales and liquefaction services. The company is proceeding toward final investment decision on its first two FLNG vessels.