APA Corp. Reveals Resources Off Suriname at Krabdagu Well

Houston-based APA and partner TotalEnergies continue with exploration and appraisal activities in the lead-up to a final investment decision that would be Suriname’s first major deepwater development.

Pietro Donatello Pitts, Hart Energy
APA Corp. Reveals Resources Off Suriname at Krabdagu Well

APA and TotalEnergies are using the Maersk Valiant to drill the Dikkop exploration well located in the central portion of Block 58 offshore Suriname. (Source: Maersk)

APA Corp. on June 21 reported flow tests at the Krabdagu exploration well (KBD-1) in Block 58 offshore Suriname indicate oil resources of a combined 180 million barrels in two intervals. The volumes, which when combined with other results, could underpin an initial deepwater development for the small South American country.

“The connected resource demonstrated from the flow tests at Krabdagu combined with the results from Sapakara South, are a significant step forward in advancing a project in this area of Block 58,” John J. Christmann IV, CEO and president of APA, commented in a company release on June 21.

APA and partner TotalEnergies envision a potential oil development hub in Block 58 that would accommodate production from the Krabdagu, Sapakara and Keskesi discoveries. Such a development would follow in the footsteps of an Exxon Mobil Corp.-led consortium in neighboring Guyana in the prolific Stabroek Block where oil production started flowing as recently as December 2019. To date, two offshore Stabroek developments utilizing two FPSOs are producing and more developments and floating units follow.

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