Equinor and bp recently announced their partnership to develop offshore wind further in the U.S. with "deliverable milestones" to accomplish over the next four to 30 years to reduce and eventually meet net-zero emission goals. 

With operators making efforts to transition to forms of renewable energy, the move to cleaner fuels is something that both Equinor and bp “have a great responsibility to do together,” said Chris Golden, U.S. country manager with Equinor ASA.

During the "OTC + NAPE Joint Session: Synergy in Energy" discussion on Aug. 18, Golden was joined by Kim Krieger, bpx Energy's COO for production, for a fireside chat about the energy transition journey.

“It's great that we have a long-standing relationship with bp going back to the bp and Heritage, pre-Equinor Statoil strategic alliance, and international E&P all the way from the early 1990s,” Golden said. “We think it's a great partnership, because bp is clearly committed to growing a profitable renewable business just like Equinor. I think, and we think, partnering puts Equinor and bp in a better position to take a leading role in U.S. offshore wind.”

Both Equinor and bp’s individual company goals include setting manageable checkpoints to accomplish before reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Equinor’s strategy consists of “continuing to hone in and reduce the carbon intensity of our global productions” by reducing emissions to 6 kg per barrel by 2025, Golden said.

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