Exploration Advances: Seismic Technology Platform Improves Vibroseis Productivity, Data Quality

A new vibroseis technology platform gives instant and remote access to a whole new set of vib functions, reducing HSE risks and eliminating manual monitoring.

NEUROtec’s cameras help with blind spot coverage, obstacle detection and avoidance. They also detect fuel, oil and hydraulic spills from the vehicle and help the operator take corrective action to avoid impacting the environment. (Source: INOVA Geophysical)

INOVA Geophysical, a land seismic technology company, recently released its NEUROtec technology platform that integrates digital control into critical aspects of the vibroseis vehicle, which enables monitoring systems, automation, safety compliance and maintenance awareness.

"This technology gives instant and remote access to a whole new set of vib functions and has not been done before," the company stated in an email to E&P. "NEUROtec reduces HSE risks and eliminates manual monitoring, while ushering in new generation of evolved vibroseis that saves a significant amount of time and money."

In an exclusive interview with E&P,  INOVA's Arjun Selvakumar, senior vice president of engineering and technology, provided an in-depth look at this new technology, its applications as well as current R&D in the works. 

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Ariana Hurtado

Ariana Hurtado joined Hart Energy in August 2013. She is the senior managing editor of publications.