The ESG Side of Subsea Well Intervention Services

As investors are putting a heavier emphasis on ESG, companies are looking for innovative technologies that will help them operate more sustainably, and they are turning to intervention tools.

Intervention services and technologies provide the tools needed for in-well operational maintenance and production enhancement. (Source: Subsea Services Alliance)

Amid the trends circulating around the oil and gas industry, companies recovering from market setbacks in 2020 are searching for ways to cut costs and emissions. Operators are relying on the service community to take on some of that competence and experience themselves, according to David Carr, Helix Energy’s senior vice president of international development.

“A lot of major projects that have come online in the last few years have been particularly prolific subsea wells, which I think just goes to show just how much in a prolonged period without intervention has affected some of the more mature wells that are out there,” Carr said.

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Madison Ratcliff

Madison Ratcliff is an associate editor for Hart Energy's editorial team.