World Petroleum Congress

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Exxon Juggles the Energy Transition Imperative: More Power, Fewer Emissions

Vijay Swarup, senior director for climate strategy and technology at Exxon Mobil, said existing technologies have had decades to develop while newer emissions advances are just starting to deploy.

Exclusive: Deloitte’s AI, Ecosystem Trends Predict Energy Needs [WATCH]

Deloitte Canada's Shak Parran, national leader of ecosystems and alliances for the energy, resources and industrials industry, says Deloitte's generative AI can predict future energy needs, infrastructure constraints, demand and supply of different sources of energy. 

Exclusive: CRIN's Pivotal Moment for Clean Tech Development [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive, Clean Resource Innovation Network's Director of Operations Glen McCrimmon walks Hart Energy's Jaxon Caines through the non-profit's challenges and future investments.  

Exclusive: Exxon Mobil Pushing Ahead with CCS and Direct Air Capture

In an exclusive interview with Hart Energy, Exxon’s Prasanna Joshi said the company is pushing ahead with its carbon capture projects in Texas but that the company plans to expand beyond the U.S.

Exclusive: Meet Gecko’s All Seeing, Wall Crawling Robot Inspector

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive, Paul Oates, head of business development at Gecko Robotics, details the TOKA 4.0, which can scale tank batteries or crawl through pipelines to collect millions of data points.

How Carbon-neutral LNG Descended into a ‘Shadow Market’

Carbon-neutral LNG is here to stay, an oil and gas analyst at the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies & Research Center said at the World Petroleum Congress, but first the industry must repair its shady reputation.

Exclusive: Canada Should Follow US IRA Roadmap, Says Enserva CEO [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive, Enserva CEO Gurpreet Lail makes the case for following the U.S.' energy transition roadmap and how Canadian companies are responding to the challenge of net zero. 

Energy Transition Demands Like Asking ‘Homeless to Diet,’ Global E&Ps Say

Oil and gas company executives from West Africa, Indonesia and Brazil said at the World Petroleum Congress the energy transition has one finish line, but many different starting points.

A&D Minute: M&A in West Texas Heats Up [WATCH]

In this week's A&D Minute, Hart Energy's Jordan Soto is in Calgary, Alberta at the 24th World Petroleum Congress with Hart Energy LIVE, talking about the M&A market in the U.S. and Canada. 

Saudi Aramco Aims to Lead in Carbon Capture, Not Just Oil

Aramco looks to stay at the forefront of the energy transition with new projects revealed during the World Petroleum Congress.