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'Physics Wins': Scott Tinker on the Energy Transition's Future

Scott Tinker, CEO of Tinker Energy Associates shares advice about the energy industry and how he sees the future of the industry, in this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive.

Appalachian Basin Awaits Pipeline Connections to the Gulf Coast

A closer look at the Appalachian midstream capacity picture shows some opportunities that producers can exploit now and in the future.

SMID Balance Sheets Built to Lure Consolidation, Lenders

Small and mid-caps’ strong balance sheets look attractive to credit investors and can provide equity that sweetens M&A.

Encino Energy's Utica Oil Production Moves to Growth Mode [Watch]

Faced with Appalachia gas takeaway constraints, Encino Energy CTO Tim Parker said the company has the scale and economics that call for growing oil production in the Utica.

Diversified Energy’s Gameplan: Avoid Operational, Financial Risk

Douglas Kris of Diversified Energy shares the firm’s approach to long-lived production while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Looking Back at the Frac

It took a lot of trial and error over the decades to make hydraulic fracturing an overnight success.

Natural Gas Producer CNX Resources Looks to Future with Hydrogen

CNX Resources is among the 15 key project development partners involved in the Appalachian Regional Clean Hydrogen (ARCH2) hub project.

Harold Hamm: Directional Drilling, Shale Boom Fueled US Energy Renaissance

Advances in drilling technology reignited a stagnant American oil and gas industry and turned the U.S. into the world’s largest crude exporter. Despite momentum for a clean energy transition, experts at Hart Energy’s 50th Anniversary Hall of Fame Awards ceremony said U.S. oil and gas will be needed for decades to come.

Bit by Bit, Drilling Tech Has Evolved

The future of drilling tech is faster and more efficient, experts say.

DUG Appalachia: Antitrust Policies Could Chill M&A

Newly aggressive enforcement of antitrust law by federal agencies could chill M&A, a lawyer tells attendees at DUG Appalachia.