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Access to the Right People Every Time

Advertising pioneer John Wanamaker once quipped that “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” When it comes to our site, we make every dollar count. Hart Energy’s newly consolidated site allows unprecedented segmentation by interest, industry and role—with a diverse range of audiences as well as the ability to reach ONLY the people you really care about. lets you take advantage of flexible buys that target only those influencers and decision-makers most relevant to your brand and business objectives. Leveraging detailed user insights and intelligent, content-driven placements, we can make sure those who matter most really get your message.

Leverage Sought-After Content

When you’re a advertiser, the audience comes to you. With original content, analysis and coverage by some of the industry’s most experienced reporters, we offer low bounce rates and high average read times. That helps you better manage your brand — and make the phone ring.

Get Proven Outreach Tactics

Our Hart Energy IndustryVoice™ content marketing program even let advertisers distribute their own original content across digital, social and print platforms to create a pervasive media experience. These campaigns have driven hundreds of thousands of site visits, resulted in more than 250,000 engagements and helped companies spread the word among more than 120,000 platform subscribers. Learn more about IndustryVoice™.

In addition to Hart Energy Industry Voice™ campaigns, we also offer advertising opportunities within our nine opt-in newsletters. These daily and weekly newsletters offer both specialized and industry-wide engagement, including the following:

  • E&P Buzz
  • Midstream Monitor
  • Shale Weekly
  • Breaking News 
  • Morning Rush
  • Daily Wrap-Up
  • Energy Pulse
  • Tech Direct
  • A&D Watch

See Metrics that Prove Campaign Payoff

We also provide advertisers with detailed reports that help prove the performance of your advertising spend and optimize future buys. The professionals at work with you to understand your business and strategy, then provide you with solid options for delivering your message—no fluff, no guesswork.

  • Campaign summaries include screenshots from the website, e-newsletters and social channels
  • Overviews of article performance include total article views, unique views, time on page and session duration
  • Total numbers of video views and impressions, along with average completions

Advanced reporting packages include:

  • Banner placement performance (Impressions/CTR)
  • Detailed user demographic data including top companies that viewed your article
  • Who viewed your article (actual Company Names and corresponding Job titles)
  • Digital publication performance data
  • Re-marketing campaign performance summary
  • Get your banner campaign to sites beyond

Contact Danny Foster at 713.260.6437 or email to discuss how we can help you optimize your outreach.