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Triple Crown Resources LLC


Editor's note: Updated July 26, 2019.

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Mighty Midland Still Beckons Dealmakers

The Midland Basin is the center of U.S. oil drilling activity. But only those with the biggest balance sheets can afford to buy in the basin's core, following a historic consolidation trend.

Tackling Methane Emissions: Triple Crown’s Secret to Success

Triple Crown Resources, the private Permian Basin operator, is cutting methane emissions and delivering returns.

‘Free Cash Flow Utopias’ Offset E&Ps Hurdles to Accessing Capital

High FCFs allow companies to fund their own projects, return capital to investors and pay off debt without having to delve into high-interest debt.

S&P 500: Energy Sector Shows Resilience Despite Rough First Half

The energy sector led the S&P in 2022, but macroeconomic factors have weighed down its performance this year.

DUG Permian: Midland South, North & East

The southern Midland offers a dial-a-hydrocarbon portfolio of rock. The far northern Midland delivers nearly all black gold. And the conventional Strawn on the Eastern Shelf is making nice wells when giving it horizontals.

Oil and Gas Investor Cover Story: Midland Basin’s Major Mojo

Consolidation, lower costs and better wells plus PUDs have regained value—all indicators point to the Midland Basin as the epicenter of renewed oil and gas activity.

Forty Under 40: Ryan Keys, Triple Crown Resources LLC

Today’s featured Forty Under 40 honoree is Ryan Keys, president and co-founder of Triple Crown Resources, a Houston-based private operator in the Midland Basin.

Shale Well Interference: Spaced Out

After years spent jam packing as many oil and gas wells on their assets as possible, shale producers under pressure from prices and investors are beginning to see that less inventory is more.

DUG Permian/Eagle Ford: Permian Operator Spotlight; All The Benches

The Permian’s might lies in the formidable barrels held within a multitude of layers of formations producers are tapping. Triple Crown Co-founder Ryan Keys describes the company’s findings in its share of this resource-rich basin.

The E&P Survival Guide

Amid a pandemic and a disastrously timed OPEC+ supply war, executives, analysts and consultants advise hedging strategies, keeping a close watch on markets and, potentially, rebuilding business plans from the ground up.

E&P Momentum: Every Well Matters

Privately held Permian Basin operators count on execution and flexibility to generate oil and gas sector-leading capital returns.

DUG Permian - Producer Panel: Admiral Permian Resources; Triple Crown Resources; Discovery Natural Resources (2019)

The Permian Basin’s original oil in place is world-class. These operators, Admiral Permian Resources, Triple Crown Resources and Discovery Natural Resources, describe the vast resource still remaining in their leasehold and how they’re capturing more and more of it.

Oil Industry Changes Needed To Lure Investors, Snap Out Of ‘Festivus’ Funk

The oil and gas industry has not communicated its message well to the generalist investor, according to a Permian Basin player.