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Tetra Tech Inc.


Tetra Tech is a leading provider of high-end consulting and engineering services for projects worldwide. With 21,000 associates working together, Tetra Tech provides clear solutions to complex problems in water, environment, sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy and international development. We are Leading with Science® to provide sustainable and resilient solutions for our clients. 

Editor's note: Updated Sept. 16, 2022.

Headquarters Address

3475 East Foothill Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107
United States

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Exclusive: Not All Reservoirs a Good Fit for CO2 Burial, Says Carbon Advisor [WATCH]

In this Hart Energy LIVE Exclusive at the Carbon & ESG Strategies conference, Hart's Nissa Darbonne is with Tetra Tech's Michael Dunkel, an energy, water and carbon adviser, talking about why Dunkel pushes for caution when choosing a reservoir to sequester CO2. 

The Net Zero Wish List: Finding ‘Clean Molecules,’ Cheaper CCS

Achieving net zero emissions goals will require a variety of solutions, including carbon capture and storage (CCS). But CCS also has its own set of headwinds to overcome, including what’s being called the ‘pore space race,’ executives with Quantum Capital Group and Tetra Tech said during an event hosted by Hart Energy.

Water Recycling Hitting Its Renaissance in US Shale

Oil and gas water management experts discuss the renaissance of the reuse and recycling of produced water while also addressing potential roadblocks and the U.S. shale industry’s ESG story.

Energy ESG 2022: Reuse Roundtable: Putting Produced Water to Work

Executives from Aris Water Solutions, Tetra Tech and XRI Holdings discuss the research and development behind produced water reuse.