SparkCognition catalyzes sustainable growth for its clients throughout the world with proven artificial intelligence (AI) systems, award-winning machine learning technology and a multinational team of AI thought-leaders. SparkCognition clients are trusted with advancing lives, infrastructure, sustainability, and financial systems across the globe. They partner with SparkCognition to understand their industry’s most pressing challenges, analyze complex data, empower decision making, and transform human and industrial productivity. With the company’s leading edge AI products—Darwin, DeepArmor, SparkPredict, and DeepNLP—SparkCognition clients can adapt to a rapidly changing digital landscape and accelerate their business strategies. 

Editor's note: Updated Sept. 27, 2021.

Headquarters Address

4030 W. Braker Lane
Building 5, Suite 500
Austin, TX 78759
United States

Main Phone Number

New Financings

Report Date Type Amount (MM) Description
2018-02-20 SparkCognition Debt $56.50

Released its final Series B funding numbers with an official close of $56.5 million in 2017.


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