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Pariveda Solutions Inc.


Pariveda Solutions Inc. is a leading management consulting firm specializing in improving our clients’ performance with strategic services and information technology solutions. We creatively solve complex, ambiguous business problems with our clients, mostly using technology. 

Editor's note: Updated June 17, 2021.

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Dallas, TX
United States


Op-ed: Why Oil and Gas Must Rethink Organizational Strategy

Here are key indicators that will inhibit an organization’s ability to respond and adapt amid the energy transition and how companies in the oil and gas industry can overcome them.

Opinion: How Established Oil and Gas Companies Can Lead the Energy Transition

In the modern business environment, resiliency for established oil and gas companies isn’t about weathering the storm; it's about continual evolution.

Op-ed: What Oil Producers Need to Do to Stay Relevant

Here are the three areas legacy oil and gas companies must invest in to stay relevant amid the energy transition.