Systematic approach can help deliver increased operational efficiencies by keeping downtime to a minimum.

E&P Magazine - February 2015

Systematic approach can help deliver increased operational efficiencies by keeping downtime to a minimum.

As I See It

Bright Spots In Dark Sea Of Uncertainty

The headlines have been pretty negative of late, I think you’ll agree. A glance at the day’s news before I wrote this column found content including “oil price crash,” “no sunshine for drillers,” “job cuts,” “spending plunge,” and so on.

Cover Story

Achieving Operational Efficiency In Unconventional Stimulations

Systematic approach can help deliver increased operational efficiencies by keeping downtime to a minimum.

Cracking The Case

Advances in hydraulic fracturing are increasing production while reducing costs.

How To Make Lemonade

Crush an oil price crisis with thoughtfulness, patience and sugar.

Innovation And Adaptation Win Again

The combination of deviated wells and hydraulic fracturing opened up a whole new world for oil and gas development.

Water Reuse: The Emerging Frontier For Fracking?

New solutions help reduce cost, compliance issues.

Exploration Technologies

Back To The Atlantic

Maybe seismic isn’t the first exploration technology that should venture off the East Coast of the U.S.

Drilling Technologies

How Can We Contribute To Less Spending?

Getting more value for less money is a challenge that operators, rig contractors and service companies need to work together on.

Completions and Production


Surveillance program is an important component to realizing maximum return on ESP investment.

Offshore Advances

Finding Answers To ‘What If?’

A new modeling tool helps stakeholders rapidly simulate oil spills and hydrocarbon leaks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Digital Solutions

The State Of Standards In The Digital Oil Field

A new council will help standards organizations work together and coordinate efforts, reducing redundancy.


African Aspects Hold The Key

One company is being rejuvenated by refocusing on frontier areas.

All-Electric Alternative To Traditional Well Control

Intelligent well system combats water and gas breakthrough to improve reservoir recovery without the need for wellbore interventions.

Australia Keeps Eyes On The Prize

As supply and demand alter market conditions, activity in Australia pushes forward.

Cracking The Wattenberg Field

Company uses microseismic technology to optimize completions.

Drilling Mud Additive Overcomes Friction

Technological advance saves operators downhole drilling time, costs

Equipment Selection For Today’s Wells, Tomorrow’s Challenges

By planning for tomorrow’s wells today by investing in quality equipment, operators will see reduced costs and maintenance issues.

Good Bugs Vs. Bad Bugs

Environmentally sensitive microbiological control used in Marcellus Shale fracturing operations.

Innovative MDRs Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs Offshore

New offshore drilling rig design offers an alternative to fixed drilling facilities.

Permian Potential Remains High Despite Low Price

Midland Basin formations attract activity, but the effect of oil prices remains to be seen.

Preventive Approach To Wellbore Strengthening

New systems are proactive rather than reactive.

Prudhoe Bay: A ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime Discovery’

North America’s largest oil field, Prudhoe Bay, is ranked among the top 20 oil fields ever discovered worldwide.

Radial Probe Acquires Critical Formation Samples

Tool expands the operational envelope in deepwater fields by providing quick and safe access to essential data.

Spring-Energized Metal Seals Help Protect Equipment

Technology offers benefits over traditional sealing systems.

Subsea Production Technology Development

Standards provide assurance of equipment integrity and performance.

Subsea Water Intake And Treatment

Moving production technology from the surface to the seabed is becoming a common goal for the oil and gas community. However, treatment of water is still only properly conducted topside. One subsea technology company could change this.

Techniques That Improve Efficiency

Operators seek greater efficiency and lower cost per barrel in a challenging price environment.

Treatment Of Flowback For Reuse: An Emerging Oilfield Practice

Treatment technologies address particulate matter, harmful components and bacteria.

Water Recycling Is Now Mainstream

Operators are reaping numerous benefits from adopting recycling practices.

When Price Per Barrel Is Low, Patent Investment Reaches An All-Time High

Companies that effectively unlock the financial value of their patent portfolios enhance shareholder value and generate a return on innovation.

Tech Watch

Technology Advances Could Ease Pressure

IT, business analytics will have increasing roles in profitability.

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

Tech Trends

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Last Word

Making Machines Articulate

Data analysis and communication use the latest sophisticated software.