Go Mobile

  • Enable your team to work anywhere, anytime – even offline. From sales quotes to field operations and even Purchasing Requests, RigER®️ has a mobile app to fit your team and budget. RigER®️ mobile apps are an extension of the RigER®️ ERP platform that allow your team members to communicate with each other, your office staff, and with clients

Go Digital

  • Get work done more easily by eliminating the errors and delays related to paper and spreadsheet-based field tickets, timesheets, and safety documents. Allow your customers to review and approve your work faster so that you can get paid faster. And when you’re ready, add any of our enhanced modules to do even more.

Go RigER®️

  • Choose the only system with enterprise-level capabilities at a SME price. RigER®️ is an award-winning platform that has enabled oilfield service companies across America to grow while reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency.

The energy industry is more challenging and competitive than ever. Producers are demanding more from Service companies while everyone struggles to reduce costs and improve efficiencies to stay in business. Service companies that continue using paper and spreadsheets to manage their business will be pushed to the sidelines and lose business to other companies who are able to adapt and align themselves with the digital processes on the Producer side. 

Just like email replaced the fax machine, digital service platforms are replacing spreadsheets and stand-alone solutions in the back office. Functions across the company need to be connected and available wherever and whenever the work is being done – and that means mobile solutions are the new essential business tool of the modern oilfield service company.

RigER®️ Mobile Apps leverage the latest RigER®️ 8.0 “Odessa” platform to enable field workers, supervisors, and office staff to get work done faster and more easily while eliminating the errors, delays, and complications associated with traditional processes of paper, spreadsheets, and email.


riger®: Oilfield CRM – simplifies the quote-to-contract process and leverages your price structure to ensure accuracy and compliance. Sales personnel can create client quotes on their mobile device and have them reviewed internally for approval or send them immediately to the client.


riger®: Field Ticket – is designed for field technicians and supervisors to manage and gather all the job-specific information using their mobile devices – even when offline and no Internet or cellular coverage is possible. Field workers can record the use of LEM (Labor, Equipment & Materials), perform inspections, attach photos and get client approvals in either online or offline mode. All field information is then synchronized and uploaded to the RigER®️ cloud platform so that it’s available to everyone else in the company and for reports to management and clients.


riger®: Oilfield Dispatch – is our most feature-rich mobile app that combines the functionality of Oilfield Sales and Operations to enable power-users to run a full job cycle from Quote to Ticket Approval. Data is then synchronized with the RigER®️ cloud platform and is ready for invoicing.

Rigerriger®: Purchase Order - enables field personnel to make purchase requests and for a Purchase Manager to approve those requests.


riger®: Service Call – enables Users to create a service call directly on their mobile device, as well as with the ability to see all the Service Calls created by, or have been assigned to them. RigER®️Service Call allows to you to keep track of all client communication and assign tasks to a particular client request if required.


riger®: OFS ERP – this RigER®️mobile client gives full access to all modules (Sales, Dispatching, Rentals, Repairs, Maintenance etc.) of the Oilfield Services ERP enabling authorized users to create, change, and approve any document – from quote, to field ticket, to invoice in real time. It is also a powerful tool for managers and executives allowing them to run reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere.

RigER®️ mobile applications simplify the day-to-day use of the RigER®️ ERP cloud platform by putting the power of core functionality in the hands of mobile workers on whatever device they are using – iOS or Android. Each RigER®️ mobile application was designed for a specific role and can work online or offline to gather information, complete a task and then upload the information to the core system when cellular or Internet connection is available.

The RigER®️ Oilfield Services ERP Cloud platform is the foundation that will help oilfield services companies transform their businesses and address the challenges facing the industry. If you are interested in learning more about RigER®️ and how we can help your business survive and thrive, contact us today! 

Go Mobile. Go Digital. Go RigER®️The Mobile ERP for oilfield service companies.

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