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RigER®️ is an Oilfield Services ERP solution created for Energy Service and Equipment Rental companies.

Since 2012, RigER®️ has been helping men and women of the oilfield bring energy to our world. 

The innovative cloud-to-mobile solution RigER®️ leads to operational improvements by converting traditional paper- and whiteboard-based information management processes into a user-friendly digital system. Operational efficiency and cost optimization of Oilfield Rental and Service companies is our goal.

By bringing the next generation technology to one of the world’s most important industries, we help our customers with process optimization, automation, paperless document processes, digitalization of operations and remote work.

The RigER®️ software makes oilfield service and rentals simple to manage from the first client call to the final invoice, including: quote and rental agreement, job scheduling, rental fleet management, oilfield calendar monitoring, field tickets, delivery tickets, asset tracking, management reports, analytics and more. 

Designed for the Oilfield Services sector RigER®️ is configured for specific business processes of each company. In addition, RigER®️ integrates with other software applications that you may already be using in your daily operations, i.e. accounting and ERP (QuickBooks, Sage, etc.), e-billing (Open Invoice, Cortex), e-signature (DocuSign), Sales Tax (Avalara), maps (Google) office suite (MS Office, etc.) and other.

Built as a modular solution, RigER®️ supports flexibility and scalability required by oilfield services companies. Every module enables a specific set of features for a particular user role, e.g. Field Supervisor, Operations Manager, Accountant, etc. Most popular modules of RigER®️ include: Oilfield Rentals, Field Services, Dispatching and Scheduling, Oilfield Invoicing, Employees Hours Tracking, Oilfield CRM, Purchases, Inspections, Repairs and Maintenance.

A suite of RigER®️ mobile apps leverages the platform to enable field workers, supervisors, and office staff to get the work done faster eliminating along the way errors, delays, and complications associated with traditional processes of paper, spreadsheets, and email. The Mobile Apps Suite includes: RigER®️: Oilfield CRM; RigER®️: Field Ticket.

RigER®️: Oilfield Dispatch; RigER®️: Purchase Order; RigER®️: Service Call and RigER®️: OFS ERP.

Editor's note: Updated December 1, 2020.

Headquarters Address

12645 Memorial Dr.
Suite F1 #342
Houston, TX 77024
United States

Main Phone Number


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