Shale Gas: Using Data to Showcase Environmental Stewardship

U.S. shale gas producer Southwestern Energy has made strategic investments in technology to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions.

Southwestern completed a Muddy Creek watershed restoration project in 2019 in West Virginia. (Source: Southwestern Energy)

Environmental sustainability is a critical pillar that makes up ESG, and at the core is good stewardship—respecting the air, land and water. In the oil and gas industry, companies are focused on delivering cost-effective energy for the industry and consumers while also being cognizant of how their operations impact the world’s ecosystems and habitats.

Many energy companies are achieving this by leveraging their emissions data to invest in environmental projects and initiatives to reduce or offset future emissions. The tracking of greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions provides operators the ability to gauge their operational efficiency to better maintain their operations.

A first-mover in seeking to reduce methane emissions, U.S. natural gas producer Southwestern Energy Co. has prioritized ESG as a core value of its business for years. As a company focused on natural gas, methane is the chief component of the product it sells. Effective ESG planning and execution has proven to be an opportunity for the company to capture more value for its shareholders while also minimizing its impact on the communities where it operates.  

“We invest in ESG, because it actually delivers value to the environment and to the communities where we work and live,” said Bill Way, Southwestern Energy’s president and CEO. “We want to enhance our position as a leading natural gas company by responsibly developing clean, low-carbon natural gas through the right people doing the right things.”

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Mary Holcomb

Mary Holcomb is an Associate Editor for's Digital News Group. She contributes to the company’s technology-based content such as subsea, seismic, digital oilfield, etc.