Energy ESG report - April 2022

Energy ESG - April 2022

Hart Energy has published its second in-depth Energy ESG report, which takes a deep dive into effective strategies and implementation of ESG in the energy industry. This special report is divided into four comprehensive sections:

  • Part 1: How to achieve a balanced ESG strategy
  • Part 2: Mastering reporting and disclosures
  • Part 3: Connecting with capital & markets
  • Part 4: The evolving ESG landscape

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Energy ESG: Capturing and Maintaining the Social License to Operate

Experts share insight on successful social strategies and how oil and gas companies can effectively tell their social impact stories. 

Energy ESG: Do’s and Don’ts of ESG Strategies

Starting now, operators in the energy sector need to turn their carbon reduction commitments into solid plans of attack, according to top energy analysts.

How is OFS Responding to the ESG Concerns of Producers?

Approaches may differ, but ultimately OFS firms’ goals when it comes to balancing decarbonization with overall performance are the same. 

How to Maneuver the ESG Standards and Ratings Quagmire

With no universal framework for ESG reporting, find out how companies can proactively manage and disclose key information.

Leading Shale Operators Share ESG Secrets

U.S. shale producers CNX Resources, Devon Energy and Laredo Petroleum set environmental goals and paths for success.

Legal Side of ESG: Top Three Issues to Watch in 2022

The SEC’s proposed rules and ESG-related litigation risk are among the key ESG themes impacting the regulatory and legal space of the energy sector this year.

Opinion: Why Building an ESG-effective Boardroom is Vital to Success

Governance, which is an often-overlooked aspect of ESG, is the most important of the trifecta, writes Emily Easley, CEO of NOVUS Energy Advisors.

Private Equity Strongly Supports E&P ESG Performance

What does it take to woo private equity to the independent E&P sector in the age of ESG?

Shale Gas: Using Data to Showcase Environmental Stewardship

U.S. shale gas producer Southwestern Energy has made strategic investments in technology to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions.

The SEC and ESG: The Journey to Prescriptive Disclosure Requirements

SEC has pushed out new ESG-related disclosure requirements. Find out how the move will impact reporting requirements.

Understanding Section 45Q is an Essential Piece of the CCUS Puzzle

Section 45Q tax credits can be a very effective tool for companies in the oil and gas industry that are looking to invest in and exploit the CCUS value chain.

US Oil and Gas Producers Explain How ESG is Driving the Energy Business Forward

Oil and gas operators across the country discuss effective ESG strategies.