Energy R&D Spotlight: Transitioning Biofuels from Lab to Production

Here’s how one Houston-based oil and gas lab pivoted into green energy testing.

Andrew Parker, SPL and Paul Wiseman
Energy R&D Spotlight: Transitioning Biofuels from Lab to Production

The last 18 months have seen a rise in the development of new recycled or bio-derived fuels and other chemicals designed to replace their traditional counterparts. (Source: SPL)

Every day we see headlines highlighting oil and gas companies looking to reduce carbon footprints. At one end of the scale, they are cutting emissions at job sites and at the other they’re adding green energy to their portfolios.

Houston-based Southern Petroleum Labs (SPL) offers end-to-end testing, measurement and reporting solutions across the entire hydrocarbon value chain and is working on adding the ability to test new environmentally-friendly fuels and other liquids before investors build pilot plants to manufacture them.

Any fuel or other liquid flows through many stages in the manufacturing process. For a new substance, it is vital to know beforehand how it will behave in those conditions where pressure and temperature changes are the norm. Developers must learn how the fuel or lubricant itself will respond, as well as how corrosive it may be to the tubing and machinery carrying it. And ultimately, will it still perform as the developer intended?

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