Energy services provider TGS released a new onshore multiclient 3D seismic survey project called Swanson 3D, a press release announced on Aug. 29.

Supported by industry financing, the project launched within the northeastern British Columbia Montney Basin in Canada. Anticipated to add over 100 sq km of high quality seismic data, the Swanson 3D project will compliment the 3D seismic data coverage in the core of the basin.

“The Swanson 3D project is another great addition to TGS’ high-quality seismic data coverage in the Montney Basin, further expanding our extensive library onshore Canada," CEO Kristian Johansen commented in the release.

To reinforce TGS' commitment to lowering environmental impacts throughout seismic acquisition projects, Phase IV of the source testing will be applied throughout the Swanson 3D project, including fuel emissions recording, reduced line widths, no-cut areas and low-impact source methods.

Preplanning for the project is underway through cooperation with the area's stakeholders and First Nation communities, with acquisition to commence in fourth-quarter 2022 and data delivery in May 2023.

"From seismic to well log and interpretation datasets, combined with our commitment to sustainable operations, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers gain subsurface insight and provide significant benefits to their exploration and production efforts,” Johansen continued.