Texas RRC Implement Operator-led Plan to Reduce Seismicity in Permian Basin

The operator-led response plan in the western Permian Basin, which began implementation last week, is a  first of its kind to address injection-induced seismicity, the Texas Railroad Commission says.

Hart Energy Staff

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) began implementation last week of a first of its kind operator-led response plan in the western Permian Basin that addresses injection-induced seismicity to help keep residents and the environment safe, the state agency said in a March 7 release.

The plan for the Northern Culberson-Reeves Seismic Response Area (SRA)—which is adjacent to Guadalupe Mountain National Park to the west and is near the border of New Mexico to the north—is meant to reduce the intensity and frequency of earthquakes, including a goal to eliminate 3.5 magnitude or greater earthquakes no later than Dec. 31, 2023.

“Industry asked RRC to allow them to come up with a plan to address the issue,” commented Sean Avitt, manager of RRC’s injection-storage permits unit.

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