Exploration platform accelerates hydrocarbon discovery
Schlumberger has released the GAIA digital exploration platform that enables exploration teams to rapidly discover and access basin-scale data and manage their exploration opportunities, according to a press release. The GAIA platform uses the power of the DELFI E&P cognitive environment to access data available from Schlumberger and other E&P industry data providers. The GAIA platform provides a personalized user experience, enabling the explorationist to discover, visualize and interact with all the available data in a region or basin without compromising resolution and scale. The platform enables clients to manage their exploration portfolios in line with their corporate strategies. In addition, oil and gas regulators can utilize the platform to showcase their countries’ assets to potential operators. Also, E&P industry data providers can provide their clients with subscription-based access to their data library. The GAIA platform features a combination of a high-performance digital map for global data discovery and 3-D visualization with streaming of basin-scale subsurface data. slb.com/GAIA

Enhanced features prolong pump life
The Magnum Dual-Stage XP pump from National Oilwell Varco (NOV) is the latest addition to the company’s line of Mission Magnum XP centrifugal discharge pumps, the company said. Designed for use in well stimulation blenders, the two-stage configuration extends the life of the complete pump in two ways. The dual-impeller design enables optimal performance at 1,000 rpm, which reduces erosion wear rates by up to 50% compared to traditional single-stage designs operating at 1,400 rpm. In addition, the lower speed minimizes the effect of cavitation that occurs in most blender operations, therefore helping prolong pump life. Many existing blender units can use the new pump with very little to no modification required to the trailer. nov.com

The Magnum Dual-Stage XP pump achieves optimal performance at 1,000 rpm. (Source: NOV)
The Magnum Dual-Stage XP pump achieves optimal performance at 1,000 rpm. (Source: NOV)

Companies collaborate to deliver cloud-based geoscience data and technologies
CGG has announced a collaboration with Microsoft to deliver its geoscience products, data and services on Microsoft Azure and accelerate exploration and development workflows for its oil and gas clients, a press release stated. Through Azure, oil and gas companies across the globe will have access to CGG’s extensive library of geoscience data and high-end interpretation, analysis and reservoir characterization software technologies. Clients also will be able to take advantage of the optimized hosting of CGG’s E&P data management solutions. CGG’s data library, geoscience software and data management solutions on Azure are available for pilot testing and commercial delivery. cgg.com

Software boosts understanding of reservoir conditions
Emerson has released Geolog 19, the latest version of its formation evaluation software suite that includes new display formats that enhance collaboration between subsurface specialists, according to a press release. This includes representation of zonal data as crossplot and histogram tracks so that geoscientists can better understand the relationships between, for example, rock formation pressures, stresses and mud weights. The software also enhances its data connectivity and “openness” features with direct streaming of wellsite information transfer standard markup language data into Geolog’s geosteering application, expanded connectivity to third-party applications and the integration of Python scripts for enhanced customization with no separate installation. Additional innovations include streamlined processing and interpretation workflows for acoustic waveform data. emerson.com/eps/geolog19

Perforating system sets wireline pump-down record
Hunting Energy Services’ H-2 Perforating System has set a record for the number of multiple-shot perforating guns pumped down into a horizontal well on wireline, according to a news release. In a recent Delaware Basin field trial with a major U.S. land operator, the H-2 Perforating System was utilized successfully to run 45 perforating guns, each with three shots on a single plane, in conjunction with a plug in a single run. Previously, the operator had to make two separate runs to complete a stage with 45 guns due to length restrictions. As a short perforating gun measuring 7.5 in., the H-2 system allows more than double the number of guns per run compared to conventional perforating systems. The field trials were successful with more than 200 H-2 perforating guns run on multiple wells. huntingplc.com

Rigless P&A technology enables safe pressure testing of suspended mudline wells
Unity has developed a new method of pressure testing suspended mudline wells from a vessel prior to plugging and abandonment (P&A) activity that is designed to improve safety and cost savings, a press release stated. Unity’s Temporary Abandonment Cap Test Tool (TACTT) was deployed to support an end-of-life project located in the southern North Sea. The technology can seal on to any type and size of temporary abandonment cap, pressure test the seal to ensure well containment, then test and vent pressure from below the temporary  abandonment cap and leave a reliable secondary seal in place. It can be cable-deployed from a vessel through open water rather than using a rig, providing significant cost savings. unitywell.com

TACTT can pressure test suspended mudline wells and seal on to any type and size of temporary abandonment cap. (Source: Unity)
TACTT can pressure test suspended mudline wells and seal on to any type and size of temporary abandonment cap. (Source: Unity)

Startup offers new technology for offshore flow measurement signals
GM Flow Measurement Services Ltd. has released a new automated technology to accurately and safely measure and analyze flow data on offshore installations, according to a news release. The startup has developed smart, disruptive technology that is based around two metering products. The meters have a smaller footprint to save on space on the well site, eliminating the need for manual intervention and costly production shutdowns. GM Flow also has launched Adjusta-Cone, an automatic and fully adjustable, differential pressure cone meter for natural gas. Having recently completed successful field trials in the North Sea and the Middle East, the device is a safer, more accurate and cost-effective alternative to conventional dual chamber orifice plate fittings for flow measurement, according to the company. gmflow.co.uk

Data infrastructure accelerates digital transformation of the maritime industry
Kongsberg has released Vessel Insight, a subscription-based service addressing the key challenges for digital adoption in the maritime industry, a press release stated. Vessel Insight’s secure and cost-efficient data infrastructure enables ship owners, managers and operators to unlock the value of their data. Vessel Insight enables customers to cost-efficiently capture and aggregate quality data from their assets and securely transfer them to the cloud. Through the Kognifai Marketplace, customers get access to a large range of leading applications and services that can turn their data into business value. This is the key to enable higher returns from investments in digital solutions, whether they are developed by Kongsberg, the operators themselves or third parties. kongsberg.com

Filter regulator offers reliable pressure control
Festo has released the PCRP filter regulator for harsh process industry environments, a press release stated. The PCRP filter regulator series withstands corrosive atmospheres, has a wide temperature range, features resistance to explosive atmosphere ratings and delivers reliable pressure control at high flow rates. PCRP regulators also feature an all-in-one regulator and filter space-saving design. The PCRP 316L stainless steel housing meets the National Association of Corrosion Engineers MR0175 standard for corrosion resistance, including H2S environments. These filter regulators deliver dependable pressure control at flow rates from 1,920 l/min to 4,115 l/min. Operating range is from 1 bar to 20 bar. Two pressure regulation ranges are available, 0.5 bar to 7 bar and 0.5 bar to 12 bar. The series temperature range stretches from -76 F to +176 F (-60 C to +80 C). These units are suitable for outdoor environments. Patented seal technology protects against backflow and ensures reliable exhausting with no special components required. festo.com

The PCRP filter regulator is equipped with features to withstand harsh process industry applications. (Source: Festo)
The PCRP filter regulator is equipped with features to withstand harsh process industry applications. (Source: Festo)


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