Jennifer Pallanich, senior technology editor, Hart Energy: I'm Jennifer Pallanich for The Pulse with Hart Energy LIVE at [Offshore Technology Conference], and we're asking people, has the energy sector made much progress when it comes to ESG initiatives?

Stephanie Zoutenbier, well construction digital product manager, Baker Hughes: I think especially within Baker Hughes, it has. I mean, I've been with Baker Hughes for 11 and a half years and just the changes that I've seen in Baker Hughes in that time period has been incredible. So I know that we're taking a heavy focus on supplier initiatives and making sure that we have supplier diversity, for example. But even within our own teams, a lot of the changes that I've seen have been absolutely remarkable. I mean, even 50% of our executive leadership team right now is female, which is a huge change from what it was even recently. So it's been absolutely wonderful seeing the changes that have been going on.

Josh Deshotels, vice president of operations, Proflow Solutions: I'd say it's a work in progress of what we've seen so far. You have to get everybody to buy into it because the oil field has a lot of old school in it. So we’re trying to get everybody to buy into that. It's positive though.

Marita Sandvoll, communications, BW Offshore Norway AS: Absolutely. I think with all the new regulations that are coming into place, the companies kind of need to adhere to new things, but we're also getting the framework that we need to do it in a coherent way that is translatable across the industry. So I think we're definitely making progress even though there's a long way to go.

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