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Danny Yick, senior director of corporate A&D at ConocoPhillips, is today's featured Forty Under 40 honoree.

From growing up in Canada to volunteering in Cambodia, Yick has lived in multiple places around the world, finally settling in Houston.

In addition to being more adept with technology, Yick believes that young industry members will thrive due to their willingness to embrace new methods of providing energy that experienced industry members sometimes struggle with.

"The newer generation has grown up in an era where information is readily available and have developed the knowledge on how to utilize and find information," he said. "This should lead to advancements in engineering, planning, efficiency and ESG."

"The way an industry continues to progress is talent and innovation," he added. "If you don’t evolve, you eventually end up at the bottom, and that will hurt society if the energy industry does not continue to evolve."

Yick is motivated by the strides the oil and gas industry and his company are making to advance representation and stakeholder value. Moving forward, he intends to continue growing his knowledge base and exploring roles with increased responsibility and leadership opportunities.

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