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The oil and gas industry is facing many challenges on the public policy front, including the Biden administration’s push to transform the U.S. power sector into an engine of clean energy growth.

However, it will be the oilfield services (OFS) sector that plays a critical role in this energy transition, according to Leslie Beyer, CEO of the Energy Workforce & Technology Council, as renewables are missing key technologies needed for an immediate shift.

“You don’t just throw everything out and start over. ... We need to be able to make oil and gas cleaner and be able to rely on oil and gas for decades,” Beyer said during the latest episode of Energy Policy Watch.

Head of the largest national trade association serving the energy services sector that represents over 600,000 employees in the energy workforce, Beyer also added: “We need a seat at the table because we make oil and gas cleaner.”

Beyer recently joined Cornerstone’s Jack Belcher for a discussion on current policy issues facing the OFS sector plus opportunities emerging from the energy transition. She also explains the importance of ESG and how it has become a fundamental part of the business.


  • Energy Workforce’s mission (1:10)
  • Biden administration (6:05)
  • Tax proposals, drilling moratorium (9:40)
  • Critical minerals (13:20)
  • Trade policy (14:45)
  • Energy transition (17:00)
  • ESG opportunities (19:45)
  • On the horizon for members (24:05)

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