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Cornerstone Government Affairs is a full-service, bipartisan public affairs firm specializing in government relations and lobbying. The firm was founded by a group of professionals with a shared philosophy, a unique business model and a different approach to the business.  

Editor's note: Updated April 11, 2021.

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Vietnam Seeks Delicate Balance Among US, China, Russia

Ongoing U.S. tensions with China and Russia offer Vietnam an opportunity to boost economic ties with the former if American investors can steer past geopolitical smokescreens and destine funds for infrastructure, power and LNG projects all somewhat tied to Vietnam’s manufacturing sector.

API Pushes Back on Biden’s Energy Priorities

API’s annual report offers a plan to bolster investment in oil and gas projects and streamline the permitting process even as the White House prioritizes renewable energy sources.

Energy Policy Watch: Adding Nuclear to the Energy Mix [WATCH]

The Center for ESG and Sustainability vice president Brent Greenfield discusses how nuclear energy can add to the diversified fuel mix and help supply the world with reliable energy.

Energy Policy Watch: Why Biden Should Choose 'Midland Over Moscow' [WATCH]

Texas Alliance of Energy Producers president Jason Modglin discusses which Biden administration policies are helping and hindering the oil and gas industry and the legislation required to boost American energy production.

ESG Policy and the Energy Trilemma

The industry must meet public demand for reliability, affordability and sustainability even in the face of changing ESG policy and a lack of standardization around ESG reporting.

Energy ESG 2022: Energy Policy: ESG Developments in Washington and Beyond

Cornerstone Government Affairs principal Jack Belcher shares energy policy developments underway in Washington.

Energy Policy Watch: How the IRA Affects the Energy Industry [WATCH]

Cornerstone Government Affairs principal of advisory services and tax policy expert John Sandell discusses the Inflation Reduction Act and the various impacts it has on the oil and gas industry.

Energy Policy Watch: A Transatlantic Solution to Europe’s Energy Crisis [WATCH]

Norway-based energy expert and consultant Geir Vollsaeter also discussed how the decarbonization movement fits into the unfolding transatlantic energy security issue. “While they drove down that climate trail, which was needed, we ended up in this situation where we cannot deal with the climate if we don’t have enough energy. It’s that simple.”

Energy Policy: Inconsistent Policies Send Mixed Signals

Our inconsistent policies are not addressing our energy crisis. The path to lower U.S. energy prices and greater energy security begins and ends right here at home, writes Jack Belcher, principal at Cornerstone.

Energy Policy Watch: State of Electricity Reliability in Texas

PUC Commissioner Jimmy Glotfelty joins the latest installment of Energy Policy Watch to discuss the ongoing efforts by the PUC on wholesale electric market design and strengthening the reliability of the Texas power grid.

Energy Policy: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Elected officials who normally are not very supportive of domestic petroleum, or even hostile to it, have suddenly become big fans of U.S. natural gas in the form of LNG exports.

Energy Policy Watch: Investment Opportunities for US Energy Companies in Romania

Matei Balaita, trade and economic counselor at the Embassy of Romania, joins the latest installment of Energy Policy Watch to discuss opportunities for trade investment available for U.S. companies in the Romanian energy sector.

Energy Policy Op-ed: ‘Just Let Us Do Our Job’

U.S. oil and gas producers and exporters are well-positioned to bring much-needed energy supplies to the global market and here are several examples that prove just that.

Energy Policy Watch: Impacts of Inflation, ‘Green-flation,’ ‘Putin-flation’ on US Oil and Gas

Tim Stewart, president of US Oil & Gas Association, joins the latest installment of Energy Policy Watch to discuss the impact of geopolitics on U.S. energy, Biden’s pivot to boost oil supply and participating in the energy transition.

Energy Policy Watch: How Technology Can Help US Producers Address Oil Supply Crisis

Jon Rogers, CEO of Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, joins the latest installment of Energy Policy Watch to discuss a possible solution for U.S. producers to boost domestic oil production amid calls from the Biden administration to open the taps.