Energy Policy Watch

Energy Policy Watch is a partnership between Hart Energy and Cornerstone. Hart Energy and Cornerstone will bring regular video updates on legislative and regulatory actions affecting the energy industry. Guests will range from key representatives and senators or congressional staff to relevant cabinet-level officials and executive branch personnel.

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As President Joe Biden looks to up the government’s game on energy policy and oil and gas, 2021 has become, and is poised to become even more so, a challenging time for the industry. The new administration has signaled its intent to view energy policy and oil and gas through the lens of climate change, even while it struggles to balance its own center-left nature and the progressive pull of the Democratic party to the far left.

So, what’s an oil and gas executive to make of this 180-degree change in energy policy and oil and gas following four years of the much friendlier Trump administration?

The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) has been a central figure in representing the U.S. industry when it comes to energy policy and oil and gas in Washington, D.C. The man in the middle of it all is Dan Naatz, senior vice president of government relations for IPAA.

Naatz has appeared on several national news outlets in recent times to discuss energy policy and oil and gas. Now he’s sitting down with another Washington insider, Jack Belcher, principal of advisory services at Cornerstone Government Affairs and host of Energy Policy Watch, a new video series presented by Hart Energy and Cornerstone focused on examining the ever-changing and increasingly vital state of energy policy and oil and gas.

In this episode, Belcher and Naatz discuss:

  • Public policy challenges and their meaning to the oil and gas industry (0:53)
  • Impact of Biden’s executive orders on activity beyond federal lands (2:06)
  • New energy policy impact on the financial capabilities of oil and gas (3:59)
  • Cumulative impact of oil and gas opponents’ multi-faceted focus (6:00)
  • Meeting the challenges and mitigating the impact (8:28)
  • An insider’s look at the process of energy policy on Capitol Hill (13:14)

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