Consolidated Asset Management Services (CAMS) announced on March 14 in a press release that it has won an ESG Investing Award for 2023 for Best Corporate Sustainability Strategy for a Vendor.

The ESG Investing Awards 2023 cover over 40 categories assessing companies’ ESG practices, including research, funds and products.

As a fully-integrated service provider for owners of energy infrastructure assets, CAMS is involved in renewables and community service initiatives, highlighted in its quarterly reports on contributions to clients, communities and environment.

“CAMS’ resilient, sustainability-focused management processes deliver tangible results for our clients,” said Mona Johnson, president of CAMS eSPARC and senior vice president of CAMS Environmental, Health, Safety and Regulatory. “We see first-hand the benefits sustainable practices can have on operational excellence, financial performance, safety, community relations and the environment.”