2020 Automation & Data Technology Showcase

This special section highlights some of the latest products and technologies for upstream oil and gas and looks at how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for improved production and more effective operating techniques.

(Source: Mia Stendal/Shutterstock.com)

(Source: Mia Stendal/Shutterstock.com)

Editor’s note: The copy herein is contributed from service companies and does not reflect the opinions of Hart Energy. To inquire about inclusion in this technology showcase, contact Ariana Hurtado at ahurtado@hartenergy.com.

Quadruped robot for offshore inspections

In early February, Aker BP and Cognite announced a strategic initiative to explore how robotics systems can be used to make offshore operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Cognite and Aker BP will do several tests using robots and drones on the Aker BP-operated Skarv installation in the Norwegian Sea during 2020. The robotics systems will be tested to gauge their performance in autonomous inspection, high-quality data capture and automatic report generation. Tasks may include aerial and underwater inspections, responding to leaks, performing work that takes humans out of harm’s way and providing onshore operators with telepresence on offshore installations. Among the robots involved in the initiative is Spot, the quadruped robot developed by Boston Dynamics. Cognite and Aker BP have tested Spot’s mobility in simulated oil and gas environments to ensure that it can access locations in these facilities too difficult to access through traditional automation.

AI technology helps proactively predict production problems and optimize well performance

Ambyint has released SmartStream production surveillance, which integrates artificial intelligence (AI)-powered anomaly detection with other proprietary techniques to

  • Maintain on-plan production stream by identifying problems faster than conventional methods;
  • Improve diagnosis and workflows to deliver a workforce multiplier; and
  • Scale production optimization capabilities. 

These unique AI capabilities analyze wells daily looking for general production anomalies, such as metering/calibration, frac hits and well instability. The innovative technology enables the impartial evaluation and optimization of all well types, including flowing and artificially lifted, to increase uptime, reduce deferred production and decrease operating costs. Because of its flexibility, SmartStream can be provided in multiple implementation models: as a stand-alone production optimization tool, as part of a deeper artificial lift optimization tool or as an AI-as-a-service that delivers real-time events and alerts into existing workflows.

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Ariana Hurtado

Ariana Hurtado joined Hart Energy in August 2013. She is the senior managing editor of publications.