Decommissioning: Taking a Cleaner, Greener Approach to Subsea Retrieval

DOF Subsea is on the case with an impressive 99% recycling and reuse rate in North Sea decommissioning project

(Source: DOF Subsea)

Across the globe, decommissioning plans are being mapped out for offshore assets and their subsea infrastructures approaching the end of their useful lives.

Countermanding the concerns of the early days of the industry that abandonment would leave the ocean floors littered with hazardous debris, a big focus of subsea decommissioning activity is on how this can be done sustainably and environmentally responsibly.

DOF Subsea, has been steadily building its decommissioning portfolio over the past decade. Named as a climate change leader in the Financial Times Europe’s Climate Leaders 2021 report and having achieved a B rating in the Carbon Disclosure Project, a global benchmark for the world’s cities and companies spearheading on environmental performance, the company is committed to taking a dominant role in championing environmental and social sustainability across the industry.

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