Executive Oil Conference

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A&D Spotlight - About That Lease Sale: Chris Atherton, EnergyNet (2018)

Here’s how acreage valuations broke down by area in the record BLM lease sale in New Mexico, along with insight into valuations in the Midland vs. Delaware basins and the Permian vs. the rest of the Lower 48 from EnergyNet's Chris Atherton.

November 7, 2018

Executive Oil Conference , Unconventional , Completions

Afternoon Spotlight - Staying in Zone: Allen Gilmer, Drillinginfo (2018)

Allen Gilmer, a leading drilling and completions analyst who co-founded Drillinginfo, discusses challenges and achievements in producers’ overall advancements in landing laterals and best-in-class completions.

November 7, 2018

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Mid-Afternoon Spotlight - Full-Pad Delaware Development: Chad McAllaster, Anadarko Petroleum (2018)

From the Delaware Basin this spring, Anadarko Petroleum reached 62,000 bbl/d of oil production, nearly twice that of Spring 2017, and has 12 extra-long laterals at its Silvertip-A pad in multiple Wolfcamp A intervals. Here are its findings and plans Chad McAllaster , vice president of the company's Delaware Basin development.

November 7, 2018

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Mid-Morning Spotlight - Shedding (Less) Light On The Dark: Bill Wren, McDonald Observatory (2018)

Immediate concern developed with the advancement of southern Delaware Basin oil activity on water resources—but also on the McDonald Observatory’s need for continued dark skies for its world-class research. Producers and astronomers gathered in the Dark Skies Initiative. Here’s how it’s been a win/win.

November 7, 2018

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Opening Keynote - Permian Power: Gretchen Watkins, Shell Oil (2018)

Shell Oil is leading the Permian Basin with world-class reserves and millions of effective acres. What is driving costs lower and EURs higher? And how does the Permian continue to outperform some OPEC members? Hear from Gretchen Watkins, who will take over as head of Shell’s U.S. business at the end of the year, for an update on the company's operations in the Permian Basin.

November 7, 2018

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Roundtable - The Outliers: Allen May, Scala Energy; Aaron Davis, TNM/Fortuna Resources; Stephen Beck, Stratas Advisors; Stewart Coleman, Pearl Energy Investments (2018)

Most forecasts in 2018 were that Permian producers would exceed 3.2 million barrels by now. It seemed impossible but it happened. What may be the next surprises in this new chapter of Permian history if production growth continues on its current trajectory? Hear an update from industry executives and experts from Scala Energy, TNM/Fortuna Resources, Stratas Advisors and Pearl Energy Investments.

November 7, 2018

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Special Address - Shifting Investor Perspectives On Permian Opportunities: Tom Petrie, Petrie Partners (2018)

Interest in the Eagle Ford and elsewhere has renewed as Permian takeaway is constrained for now. With renewed oil price volatility and $3 natgas , there is new action in the Gulf of Mexico. Hear more from Tom Petrie, founder of oil and gas advisory firm Petrie Partners, on where the Permian Basin fits today in investors' portfolios.

November 7, 2018

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Spotlight - Minding The Mid-Cush Margin: Reed Olmstead, IHS Markit (2018)

Cushing has improved to more than $70/bbl, but WTI Midland has been fetching as much as $10/bbl less. Many Permian producers are using basis hedges to ride out the new-takeaway drought. Some have firm transport directly to export markets. How are Permian producers minding the gap? Listen in as Reed Olmstead, an expert from IHS Markit, provides further insight.

November 7, 2018

Executive Oil Conference , Exploration & Production

Spotlight: iShale™ - The Apple Of Shell’s Eye, Amir Gerges, General Manager, Permian, Shell Oil Co. (2018)

Technological innovation and increased digitalization will be keys to the future success of shales.

November 7, 2018

Executive Oil Conference , Midstream , Policy & Regulations , Unconventional

Takeaway Roundtable - The 2019-2022 Edition: Carrie Endorf, Parsley Energy; Steve Pruett, Elevation Resources; Joel Fry, Tailwater Capital; Reed Olmstead, IHS Markit (2018)

Producers, shippers and analysts from Parsley Energy, Elevation Resources, Tailwater Capital and IHS Markit discuss whether there will be a new round of takeaway shortage after the current one is solved and what will be the effect on demand for oilfield services. Also, how may flaring regulations combined with limited natgas takeaway further exacerbate this?

November 7, 2018